Ervin Parto Caspain Company after long survey & evaluating process by FUJIFILM has been recognized most qualified company, that appointed Authorized Distributor of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) systems of FUJIFILM in Iran. Our mission is to increase the importance given to our customers, employees, society and environment specifically and continuously with watching the new developments in the technology and using our resources at highest level with our dynamic team. We strive to provide effective technical supports & on time delivery to satisfy demands of customers perfectly. Fujifilm industrial x-ray film feature revolutionary new film technology. The combination of the latest in emulsion making science and computerized manufacturing processes assure consistent batch to batch performance, optimum image quality and compatibility with all NDT chemistries and current brand tank /automatic processing conditions. The Fujifilm family of films incorporates unique speed, and grain technologies thus permitting their use over a wide range of applications with consistent high quality regardless of the material examined and the source of radiation employed.

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